Everything You Need To Know About Foreclosure Law

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Hire A Personal Injury Attorney

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A car accident can be a very traumatizing experience. There are so many feelings and emotions that you are going to go through when you are in an accident. These feelings and emotions are only enhanced when you have to deal with an injury. A car crash and the associated injury can truly be a life changing experience. When something of this nature occurs, it is going to be very important that you have legal representation. Read More»

Starting A Business? A Few Things You Should Know About Trademarks

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No matter what type of business you are starting, having a good name is important. The name needs to be something unique to your business so that when people see or hear it, they immediately think of you. This can be problematic if you accidentally use another business’ name or if someone uses yours in the future. This is where registered trademarks come into play. To ensure that your name and/or brand are protected, it is a good idea to hire an attorney with experience in trademarks, patents, and copyrights. Read More»

What to Expect With Your Child Support Obligation

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If you are the divorcing parents of a child under the age of 18, the issue of child support will very likely be a part of your divorce agreement. Only when the parents agree to shared (also called 5050 parenting) custody does there exist the possibility that child support will not be ordered. Read on to learn more about this important issue and how this financial obligation is determined. The Best Interests of the Child Read More»

Changes: What To Know About Codicils And Wills

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Unless you’ve really been out of touch, you likely already understand the importance of writing a will before you pass away. You can take a huge burden off of your loved ones by making decisions about your property and debts ahead of time, and the instructions you leave behind will serve as a useful guide for your executor and beneficiaries. Depending on how old you are at the time you write your original will, you may need to make some changes in it from time to time. Read More»

Three Ways To Combat The "He Said, She Said" Component Of A Work Lawsuit

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Dealing with sexual harassment is infuriating and humiliating. Dealing with the denial of these claims can multiply these emotions. If you work in a place where sexual harassment happens regularly and is seen as no big deal, you may feel the need to combat this workplace issue with a lawsuit. Filing a lawsuit brings it to the businesses attention that you are serious about the issues going on at the job. One of the largest issues to combat in a work sexual harassment lawsuit is the “ Read More»

Three Ways to Address Your Car Accident Case

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In order to control the outcome of your car accident case, you will need to do your best to get high quality legal representation and understand the circumstances you are dealing with. This article teaches you the ins and outs of dealing with an auto accident case, so you owe it to yourself to take heed and act accordingly. From here, you’ll be on the right track to healing your body, fixing or replacing your car, and protecting your legal rights. Read More»

3 Things To Check For Before Signing A Residential Lease

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Are you thinking about renting an apartment or home? If so, you are probably going to be signing a lease before you move in. A lease is a good thing, since it can tell you what to expect and can protect both you and the landlord. However, it’s important to be careful about what you are signing. These are a few things that you should check for when signing a residential lease. Read More»

3 Things You Must Avoid During A Workers Comp Case Or Risk Ruining Your Case

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You were injured at work, filed a report, and did what you thought to be right so your injuries and time off would be covered. Unfortunately, no matter how straightforward a workplace injury may seem, it is hardly a simple process with worker’s compensation insurance companies. Many times, workers end up having to file a legal claim just to get the payments they deserve. Unfortunately, once you have filed a claim against workers comp insurance companies, they will be looking for every reason to make sure they don’t have to pay. Read More»

Reasons Why You Might Want To Hire A Probate Attorney

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Hiring a lawyer to help you write your will is one thing. Hiring a probate attorney is something else. Probate attorneys are often hired to protect your will and your last wishes, which differs from writing a will and having a lawyer witness it and notarize it as a legal document. Here are some reasons why you may want to hire a probate attorney after you have already written your will and you have had it notarized by a lawyer. Read More»