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Getting Accused Of Making Fraudulent Changes To A Will

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Are you being accused of fraudulently changing the will of your deceased twin? If your sibling made you the beneficiary of a substantial amount of money and assets, envy could play a role in why you are being falsely accused. If you are ready to settle the dispute and move on with your life, hiring a probate attorney is what you should do to obtain satisfactory results. There are numerous things that an attorney can do to prove that you did not make any changes to your loved ones will. Browse this article to learn how an attorney might go about resolving the dispute.

1. Consult About the Will

If you have a copy of your deceased siblings will, take it to be reviewed during the initial consultation with the attorney. The attorney might only skim through the will during the initial consultation, but will want to perform a thorough review if he or she accepts your case. Other than discussing the actual will, he or she will also ask you questions. For instance, the relationship that you had with your sibling before his or her death will be discussed. You will also have the opportunity to explain why you believe your sibling left you with so much money and assets in comparison to the other beneficiaries.

2. Get Help from a Handwriting Expert

Being that you are being accused of making fraudulent changes to your twin siblings will, an attorney is likely to hire a handwriting expert. The expert will be useful for comparing your handwriting to your deceased loved ones. For instance, he or she will have the skills for figuring out if you write with a heavy hand, while your sibling used to write lightly. Be prepared to provide a few old documents that were signed or written by your sibling. The attorney might also ask the handwriting expert to act as a witness on your behalf during probate court.

3. Speak for You in Probate Court

When a will is contested, it is necessary to go to probate court. The reason why is because it is up to a judge to settle the dispute. An attorney will be able to present evidence and prove why the other beneficiaries are making false claims. The attorney will do all or most of the speaking on your behalf to make sure the right words are said to increase your chance of winning the dispute.

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