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You Have Options In The Fight For Equal Pay

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The pay gap between men and women is real. In comparable jobs with the same amount of education and experience, women make about 83 cents for every dollar a man makes. A federal equal pay law does exist, but it doesn't necessarily do enough to close the wage gap. If you are getting paid less than someone else who is doing the same job with the same or less education and experience, you have options you can exercise to try to get your payment equal to the higher rates. 

Know What You Are Worth

One of your options is to know what you are worth. Knowing your worth means that you do some research into what positions like yours are paying on an industry-wide scale. Make sure that you start with the pay scale in your own company, both for you and for other people doing a similar job. You will have to talk to other people about their salary, which your company may tell you that you aren't allowed to do. However, you can legally talk about salary at any point. The reason that the company doesn't want you to talk about your salary is that it is easier for them to pay out unequal amounts if no one is paying attention. 

Talk to Your Supervisors

Once you are armed with your research, go to your supervisors and ask for a raise. Make sure that you have spent some time coming up with a logical and detailed plan and case. You should also come armed with a number that you find acceptable to continue to do your job. Try to come up with the objections that your bosses might have and prepare counter-arguments showing how valuable you are and what your contributions to the company are. Practice your negotiations and plans before you talk to your boss so that you can stay calm and reasonable while you are asking for your raise. 

Go to a Lawyer

If nothing else works, you can find an attorney that specializes in equal pay law. They can help you put together a case so that you can get the pay that you deserve. Do be aware that if you file one of these cases, the burden of proof is on your side. The more records that you have to support your claims, the better off you are going to be. You also have a statute of limitations that you are going to have to work with. 

The wage gap is real and it can be a struggle for you to get the salary that you are actually worth. There are options open to you to get what you deserve.

For more information, contact an equal pay lawyer in your area.