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Top Reasons Legal Representation When Fighting For Justice After A Car Semi-Truck Collision Is Crucial

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Semis are several times larger and heavier than passenger vehicles. Therefore, there is a higher chance that your vehicle may be wrecked, and you may sustain more severe injuries when you collide with a big rig. Unfortunately, even after sustaining life-changing damages, the trucking company might not be ready to compensate you. Instead, they might team up with their insurer to accuse you of causing the collision to avoid paying your damages. When this happens, you need to get professional legal representation for this and the following other reasons.

You May Want to Sue All the Responsible Parties

The law gives you the right to sue every party that might have directly or indirectly contributed to the vehicle collision. However, you need compelling evidence linking them to the accident. Your legal advisor will get the best accident investigators to investigate the collision, determining all the wrongdoers and their contributions.

The trucking firm could take the blame for failing to offer proper training, which could have made them know how to avoid the collision. Their mistakes could also include failing to allow the driver to rest after driving for the maximum number of hours allowed by the law. However, other parties could also be responsible for the collision. For example, the truck manufacturer might be liable if the accident happened because of a manufacturing defect. The loading company may also take the blame if they overloaded the truck and loaded it unevenly, making it lose balance on the road. Your legal advisor can help you identify and sue all the liable parties, ensuring that you get justice and acceptable payment.

You May Want to Receive the Highest Payment Possible

The insurance firm will take time to investigate the collision before offering you a payment they believe is worth your damages. Their offer may seem tempting, especially if you have accumulated health bills and other financial needs brought about by the accident. Unfortunately, the payment might be less than you need to cover all your damages. If you accept the payment, you may never get a chance to file a lawsuit about the accident in the future.

Therefore, you may want to consult your lawyer before accepting the settlement. They will order a comprehensive examination to help them determine the extent of your injuries and your recovery time. It will enable them to know the payment you're entitled to, ensuring that you get the highest payment possible.

There are very low chances of getting justice after a collision with a big rig if you don't work with an experienced lawyer. The trucking company may hire a legal team to defend them, outwitting you in the case. Besides, their insurer may take advantage of your inadequacy in law to unlawfully reduce your settlement. That is why you need the assistance of a professional truck accident attorney to ensure that you get justice and acceptable payment.

For more information, contact a truck accident attorney in your area today.