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DUI Damage and Work Worries: What to Know

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You can have a say in how much a driving under the influence (DUI) charge affects your life. That is also the case when it comes to your job. You just need to know what could happen and get some legal support to mitigate those things. Read on and get a better handle on how this type of charge and conviction could wreak havoc on your work life.

Get Out of Jail Quickly

The longer you linger behind bars, the more likely it is that your job will be affected by your arrest. In most cases, DUI charges are misdemeanors and you can be released after paying bail. If you are not offered bail or it's too high to pay, speak to a criminal law attorney about your DUI case right away. You may need attorney intervention before you get out of jail.

Smooth Things Over

If you have already missed work, don't delay calling or going in as soon as you can. You may not want to admit to the arrest but you need to make contact with your employer as soon as possible to avoid being fired for being a no-show.

Driving Problems

You may temporarily lose the ability to drive legally after an arrest. If so, ask your DUI lawyer about a hardship license. This sort of driving license allows you to drive to work, the store, etc. but only during the allowed hours. Not everyone will be able to obtain such a license. You should be ready to explain to your lawyer why you need to work, take your children to the doctor, and more. Some of those arrested or convicted of DUI can only drive after blowing into an onboard breathalyzer. While it could be embarrassing to have an ignition interlock device in your vehicle, it beats not being able to drive at all.

Background Check-ups

If you are trying to get a job or are renewing a security clearance, your DUI arrest might be revealed. It depends on the level of background check and your state of residence whether or not your employer will see your record. Unfortunately, if you use a vehicle in the course of your work, you could lose your job after a DUI conviction. That may be due to losing your special driving credentials (like a commercial driver's license or CDL) or it might be because you need to drive a company vehicle for work.

Your entire work situation can be affected by your DUI. You don't necessarily have to suffer from the arrest in ways that affect your work, though. Talk to a criminal defense lawyer about your case and avoid being convicted. Then, your employer never needs to know it happened.