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Documents To Show Your Attorney After A Car Accident

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If you get involved in a car crash, you may experience bodily harm or financial losses for meeting medical costs or repairing the damaged car. To avoid such losses, you need to hire a car accident injury lawyer. That's because a car accident lawyer can help you settle the claims fast and get the compensation you deserve. However, you have to give your attorney certain documents so that the lawyer can understand your case and present substantial evidence to help you win your car accident lawsuit. Here's a list of documents you should present to your car accident attorney.

Insurance Policy

You need to present a copy of your insurance policy to your car accident injury lawyer. Remember that driving a vehicle without a valid license is illegal. If your insurance has expired, the other parties may use this fact against you, and you may not be compensated. Therefore, your lawyer will review the policy and determine the type of insurance recovery that you qualify to get.

Police Report

After an accident, the police visit the scene and create a report of the accident. Ideally, the preliminary report explains who caused an accident and the reasons. However, the report isn't final. Your car accident injury lawyer can examine the report and do independent investigations to gather more evidence. If there's sufficient proof, the court may overlook the police report. Hence, the evidence may give your auto accident case more leverage during settlement negotiations or when the lawsuit goes to court.

Traffic Tickets

Sometimes, the police may give you a ticket if an accident occurs due to drunk driving, speeding, texting, and careless driving. Police can use traffic tickets against you to prove that you're liable for the car accident. Therefore, presenting a traffic ticket to your car accident injury attorney will enable them to review the ticket and create arguments against the traffic ticket. Your lawyer will try to show why the ticket doesn't necessarily make you 100 percent liable for the accident as the other parties in the accident may be at fault as well.

Information Exchanged at the Car Crash Scene

When an accident occurs, there is some information you may exchange with other motorists. For instance, you may exchange phone numbers, emails, insurance details, and driver's license numbers. You should share all these details with your car accident injury lawyer so that the lawyer can easily follow up on your insurance claims.

After a car crash, the crucial documents to show your car accident injury lawyer include the police report, traffic tickets, insurance policy details, and any information you exchange with other motorists at the accident scene.

If you need a car accident injury lawyer, make an appointment and gather this paperwork to be prepared.