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Nursing Home Residents Have Rights

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Nursing home abuse is more common than anybody would like. The same applies to neglect, and it is often difficult to determine when abuse is happening.

So, what rights does your loved one have in a nursing home? And how can you be sure that your loved one's rights are respected?

Your Loved One Has the Right to Physical Safety

Your loved one has the right not to be in physical harm or danger. This means that loved one has the right to avoid common physical abuse effects, including severe weight loss, burns, bed sores, cuts, dehydration, and malnutrition. Ultimately, your loved one has the right to be free from abuse.

Your Loved One Has the Right to Emotional Safety

Your loved one living in a nursing home still has the right to feel emotionally safe. Abuse in a nursing home can take away from these rights, putting your loved one at risk for emotional agitation, confusion, and unusual behavior.

Your loved one also has the right to communicate with loved ones. It is possible that an abusive party may argue that your loved one may not have access to others, perhaps as a way to cover up his or her actions. This too can have emotional health consequences.

Your Loved One Has the Right to Services Paid For

In addition to concerns you may have about your loved one's physical health, he or she is also entitled to the services he or she paid for. This means that neglectful behavior can deprive your loved one of services paid for.

This means that your loved one may not receive the personal hygiene assistance, medication assistance, nutrition, and other care that has been accounted for. Your loved one pays for clean bedding and a clean room, and soiled bedding and a dirty room can lead to a lot of health issues.

Your Loved One Has the Right to Personal Funds

Your loved one has the right to their money, unless somebody else has been legally placed in charge of these funds. A nursing home staff member does not have the right to steal money from your loved one or encourage them to sign over checks in the staff members' names.

Contact a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

If your loved one's rights have been violated through the use of abuse or neglect, you have recourse. Call a nursing home abuse attorney today to discuss your loved one's rights.