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People With Whom You Can Partner To File A Wrongful Death Suit After The Loss Of Your Parents

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When you're a teenager, one of the worst things that you can face is the death of a parent. A scenario that is unimaginable for most people, but can tragically occur for others, is the loss of both parents. For example, if both parents were traveling together and were in a fatal car accident, you and your siblings could quickly be left without parents. The decisions that you make in the wake of this loss can impact the rest of your life, and one decision that you might think to make is to pursue legal action against the party that caused the accident. Doing so on your own can be challenging, so consider these potential partners as you move forward legally.

An Aunt Or An Uncle

Hopefully you have family members on whom you can rely during this difficult time. In addition to caring for you and providing emotional support, they may also be able to stand with you as you move forward legally. A trusted aunt or uncle can help you to meet with a wrongful death attorney and begin to work on a case. This trusted family member can handle the tasks that you may find too difficult or too traumatic, and you can be confident that he or she will work with your best interests in mind.

A Church Community Member

If you and your family are active members of a local church congregation, you've possibly turned to a church member for help in the past. This person may again be a valuable ally for you as you meet with wrongful death attorneys to select one and move forward with legal action. Choose someone with whom your family has had a longstanding relationship. This person will be more likely to want to help you, and content with handling the various tasks that may be a part of this process.

A Friend Of Your Parents

It's also worthwhile to think of the friends of your parents and consider them as people who may be able to assist you at this time. If either of your parents was still very close with a friend from childhood or from college, for example, this person is likely someone on whom you can rely. The presence of an adult will be instrumental at this time. Even though your wrongful death attorney will handle the bulk of the tasks related to the case, having a trusted adult support you can make this process less difficult.