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Injuries That Are Possible In A Pellet Gun Accident

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Target practice with a pellet gun can be fun, but it's important to always remember that using this firearm can be dangerous. If you're using a pellet gun with other people, there's a risk of someone shooting you by accident. Whether the gun discharges unexpectedly or a person doesn't take things seriously and aims the pellet gun at you, serious injuries can result. This is especially true of a higher-end pellet gun that can propel its projectiles at a high rate of speed. Depending on the circumstances of the situation and of your injury, you may want to hire a personal injury attorney and bring a suit against the shooter. Here are some injuries for which you'd want to seek compensation.

Eye Injuries

Eye injuries are a major concern among people who use pellet guns, and with good reason. This firearm definitely has the ability to irreparably damage your eye, even to the point that you could lose your eyesight. In some other cases, you may be able to have your eyesight restored, but only through a number of difficult surgical procedures. These procedures carry a financial cost as well as an emotional cost; it's painful and stressful to endure multiple surgeries with your eyesight hanging in the balance. Your personal injury attorney will evaluate your expenses and the emotional toll to determine how much to seek in damages.

Scarring Injuries

If someone has shot you with a pellet gun in an area of bare skin, it's possible for the pellet to penetrate your body. While you may not suffer an internal injury, you can definitely be left with a serious wound. This is again true with a pellet gun that shoots at a high rate of speed, especially if it was loaded with pointed pellets. Whether you were shot in the face, neck, arm, or elsewhere on your body, it's possible that you'll have significant scarring as a result. It's possible to successfully seek damages for a scarring issue through a personal injury suit.

Ear Injuries

There are pros and cons to being hit in the ear with a pellet. The benefit is that you weren't hit in more of a serious area, such as the eye, but the concern is that the pellet may have ripped through your ear and left a serious wound. Depending on the part of the ear that was affected and the extent of the injury, you could be left with a disfigurement.

For more information on if you can sue for a pellet gun injury, talk with a personal injury attorney.