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Spouse Been Arrested Out Of State? 4 Steps To Take Now That They're In Police Custody

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If your spouse has been arrested while out of state, you'll need to act fast. Dealing with the arrest of a spouse can be a traumatic experience. However, there are steps that you'll need to take to help them through the process. Here are four steps to take now that your spouse is in police custody.

Secure Legal Representation

If you're dealing with the arrest of your spouse, the first thing you'll need to do is secure legal representation. A criminal attorney will ensure that your spouse's rights are protected while they're in police custody. Not only that, but the sooner you hire an attorney, the sooner they can begin working on a defense for them. If your spouse was arrested out of state, you'll need to hire an attorney in the state where the arrest was made.

Obtain a Bail Bond Release

Once you've secured legal representation for your spouse, you'll need to obtain a bail bond release for them. This is particularly important if they've been charged with a serious felony that doesn't provide for a release on their own recognizance. To secure a bail bond release for your spouse, you'll need to have about ten percent of the total bail amount available in cash. In addition to that, you'll need collateral to cover the remaining total. The collateral can be in the form of real or personal property. Once you secure the bail bond, your spouse will be cleared to leave police custody.

Request Permission to Leave the Area

Since the arrest was made out of state, you'll want to get back home as soon as possible. However, before your spouse leaves the state, they'll need to ask for permission to do so. Most bail bonds require a person to remain in the area of the arrest. If your spouse leaves the state without obtaining permission first, they could risk having their bail revoked, which will result in them being taken back into police custody. To avoid that risk, obtain permission from the court before leaving the state to go home.

Avoid Additional Legal Problems

While your spouse is out on bail, they'll need to avoid getting into any other trouble with the law. This includes trying to contact any possible victims of their alleged crimes. Your spouse will have received a list of bail restrictions. Make sure they follow those restrictions closely, or they'll risk having their bail revoked. Unfortunately, if your spouse does have their bail revoked, they'll be returned to the state where the arrest occurred, and you'll lose any collateral that you posted for their bail.

For more information, reach out to bail bonds services in your area.