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Casino Slip & Fall Accidents: Do You Have A Legitimate Case?

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Going to gamble at the casino gives you an opportunity to win big, but the last thing you expect is to fall and get injured. There are many hazards that can be found at a casino. When you slip, fall, and get injured, it's important to prove negligence on the part of the casino for you to have any chance of a payout or settlement. Breaking down different elements of a casino can help you determine if you have a case on your hands. Hiring the services of a slip and fall lawyer can go a long way in proving your case and showcasing exactly how the injury occurred. Learn about different case elements that are specific to a casino and ways to help move forward with your potential case.

Casino Lighting

The cause of your trip and fall accident could have a huge impact on how your case moves forward. One of the reasons for your fall may be the inability to properly see where you are going or if there are any obstacles in your way. No matter what time of day it is, many casino floors rarely feature windows and will use a dimmed lighting setting. This is a psychological move aimed at keeping guests at the casino for as long as possible. But these dark settings could be the cause of your fall.

An attorney can use witness statements and other incidents to prove that the casino is negligent in their ability to properly light and provide safety in various areas of the casino. Improper safety signs or warning messages about these dimly lit areas can also act as further evidence on your behalf.

Casino Surveillance Footage

One of the main advantages of building your casino injury case is the ability to see exactly what happened as the injury unfolded. Casinos are often equipped with state of the art cameras that can capture every angle as the injury occurred. A lawyer can help you obtain this footage and use it for an injury case. The footage can show that you were simply walking and did nothing to incite the slip and fall accident. This can also help showcase other factors that were the cause of your injury. Once the footage is analyzed, it can be the main piece of evidence that helps your case move forward.

Debris & Dangerous Areas

As you heal from injuries that occurred in a slip and fall accident, it's important to look back and see what types of elements caused the injury in the first place. Debris can unexpected items can cause an injury. A casino can be held negligent in this type of case if there is an area that was not properly cleaned. Electrical cords, rolled up carpets, and other items that the casino owns could also be part of the problem. Floor transitions may have also been the cause. For example, there may be a slight rise or lowering when a part of the casino transitions from hard floor to carpet. If this is the case, then the casino may be held liable for a poor design and dangerous walking conditions.

Other Patrons

When a lawyer is breaking down your case, they may discover that it's not just the casino to blame. Other patrons at the casino may have contributed to the slip and fall injury that occurred. For example, a person may have littered, dropped coins, or spilled a drink and ignored the problem. Depending on the exact situation, that person may be held liable for the injuries. Surveillance footage and casino records could help identify the person and remedy the situation.

Healing from a slip and fall accident and paying the medical bills could be a long process. Having a slip and fall lawyer by your side could make a huge difference with your case.