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3 Things You Must Avoid During A Workers Comp Case Or Risk Ruining Your Case

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You were injured at work, filed a report, and did what you thought to be right so your injuries and time off would be covered. Unfortunately, no matter how straightforward a workplace injury may seem, it is hardly a simple process with worker's compensation insurance companies. Many times, workers end up having to file a legal claim just to get the payments they deserve.

Unfortunately, once you have filed a claim against workers comp insurance companies, they will be looking for every reason to make sure they don't have to pay. Therefore, you will have to be diligent about avoiding some common errors that could easily ruin your case. Check out these things you should never do once you have pursued a case against workers compensation with your lawyer. 

Do not get another job. 

If you are unable to work at your current employer's place of business because of your injury, then there is no reason to go and work for someone else. Even though you may be struggling financially because of your time off of work, getting a new job can discredit your claims about your injuries and your ability to work. Consider filing for Social security Disability or forms of public assistance to help you through while the claim is in process. 

Do not skip mandatory doctor's appointments.

Throughout the worker's compensation case, the insurance company has the right to send you to one f their preferred doctors for assessment of your condition. because interpersonal relationships with long-time family physicians can be unfairly deemed unreliable in some cases, these doctor's visits are a necessary part of the equation–even if you suspect their preferred physician's opinions will be biased. You should never skip these appointments because this can give the impression that you are not being cooperative or have something to hide about your injury. 

Do not over exaggerate your injuries. 

You're injured and need your workers comp payments as fast as possible, so you may feel the urge to stretch the truth a  little or not be totally honest about your injury to hurry things along. It is never a good idea to be dishonest in any way during a workers compensation claim. If the truth gets uncovered somewhere along the process and you are discovered being dishonest about your condition, the claim can actually be completely dropped because your word has been discredited. On the same note, you must make sure to never downplay your injuries.