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Reasons Why You Might Want To Hire A Probate Attorney

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Hiring a lawyer to help you write your will is one thing. Hiring a probate attorney is something else. Probate attorneys are often hired to protect your will and your last wishes, which differs from writing a will and having a lawyer witness it and notarize it as a legal document. Here are some reasons why you may want to hire a probate attorney after you have already written your will and you have had it notarized by a lawyer.

You Have Heirs That Squabble

It is unfortunate, but there will always be somebody in every family that does not agree with what they have inherited and will squabble with the other heirs to get more or get what they thought they were going to get. When you think that this may happen after you have passed, you will want a probate attorney. The probate attorney will be the one to read the will, disperse your assets, answer questions and file motions for any of your heirs that wish to contest your will.

You Want Your Assets Protected While They Are in the Process of Being Dispersed

Government agencies have a way of zooming in and seizing assets for debts that are supposedly owed after someone dies. A probate lawyer can file motions to protect your assets before you pass and afterward so that your assets are protected against seizure until they are dispersed to your heirs. Once the heirs take possession, it becomes difficult for the government agencies to argue that you owed them anything and they may have a hard time seizing those assets from your heirs. About all the government can do then is levy an inheritance tax against your heirs, but it beats having everything taken for debts you may not actually owe.

You Want to Be Debt-Free After You Pass Away

If you are a truly responsible person, you want to be rid of any debt that could follow your heirs after your death. It is rare, but it does happen, and the problem usually arises when you have unresolved credit debts or sizable personal loans. A probate lawyer takes your most liquid assets and pays these debts prior to distributing the rest of the assets to your heirs. If you so desire, you can allocate "x" amount of liquid assets (i.e., cash money) to any remaining debts you have so that your probate attorney can quickly settle these and get the rest to your heirs.

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