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5 Tips for Hiring a Foreclosure Attorney

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Defending your home against foreclosure is always a nerve-wracking experience, but working with the right foreclosure attorney can make the process much easier. Unfortunately, there are many scammers out there looking to take advantage of homeowners who are stressed about losing their homes. Here are five tips that can help you find a bankruptcy attorney.

Contact Your State's HUD

The first step you should take when your home is at risk of foreclosure is calling your state's Department of Housing and Urban Development. A housing counselor from your state HUD can provide valuable services, such as mortgage modification, that may allow you to resolve your foreclosure case without an attorney.

If you determine that an attorney will be necessary for your case after talking to your state HUD housing counselor, your counselor can assist you with getting your documentation in order before you consult with prospective attorneys. This will make it easier for the attorneys you interview to create a detailed plan for your case, and this in turn will make it easier for you to judge the worth that each attorney will bring to your case. The HUD online database is the best place to find the contact information for your state's housing counselor and begin working toward a solution for your foreclosure case.

Get Recommendations from National Associations

The National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys and the National Association of Consumer Advocates are two organizations that provide recommendations for reputable foreclosure attorneys. If you hire a foreclosure attorney with a recommendation from one of these associations, you can be sure you are getting an attorney with a reputable track record who is dedicated to saving your home from foreclosure.

Look for a Free Initial Consultation

The only way to get an idea of how well you and your attorney will be able to work together is to meet face to face. Many foreclosure attorneys provide a free initial consultation to go over the details of your case and create a plan for the best way to proceed. Willingness to provide a free consultation makes it more likely that the attorney you are meeting with will be interested in helping you save your home from foreclosure instead of just making money from your case.

You should prepare for this consultation the same way you would prepare for any other business meeting. Be concise about the details surrounding your case and keep your emotions in check so you can focus on solutions. You should also remember that you are interviewing the attorney as a potential hire. Get specific information about the attorney's experience and how they have handled cases similar to yours.

Bring the Right Documentation

Even the best foreclosure attorneys will have a difficult time planning for your case if you don't provide the right documentation. Bring a brief statement of the case's history, documentation of your mortgage bills, and a record of correspondence with the lender to your first consultation. This will help your attorney identify signs of predatory lending and other unfair practices that could make it much easier to win your case.

Be Wary of Attorneys Who Promise Too Much

One of the most common tactics of foreclosure scammers is to play on the hope of their "clients." These scammers will try to reel people in by promising incredible results for their case, often without even reviewing the details. If your attorney provides a guarantee that you will avoid foreclosure at the beginning of your consultation, you should see this as a red flag and look for another attorney.

Choosing the right attorney is one of the most important things you can do to defend your home from foreclosure. Keep these tips in mind when looking for an attorney so you have the best chance of winning your foreclosure case.