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4 Ways A Mobile Vehicle Recording System Can Help Your DUI Case

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Getting a DUI charge can come with serious consequences, including possible jail time and the lost of a license. As you hire a DUI attorney to help you with your case, there are many pieces of evidence that will be considered for your defense. One of the main pieces of evidence that can be used in your case is the footage from a mobile vehicle recording system. Also known as sash cams, many police officers use these in their vehicles. An attorney can obtain the footage and use it in four different ways to help with the case. Browse through each of these methods to see how the evidence can apply to your case.

Probable Cause

For a police officer to pull you over in the first place, they must have probable cause. This can be anything from a broken headlight to the misuse of a blinker. When the police report is first initialized, the probable cause will be listed for your case. When using dash cam footage, your lawyer can help confirm the probable cause.

For example, if the officers claimed that you had a light out, the video can show if the light was actually out. If the light was not out, then your lawyer can try and get the evidence suppressed and the case dismissed. The footage can be looked at frame by frame and analyzed to help prove any of these details.

Driving Footage

Another reason that you may have been charged with a DUI is reckless driving. In some cases, extra charges could have been added if it was reported. By using dash cam footage, a lawyer can help discover your driving habits. This will help showcase if you were driving properly on the road. If your car did swerve, a lawyer can showcase reasons why other than impaired driving.

For example, you may have been moving out of the way from a stick or animal crossing the road. Video footage can show these hazards and prove that your vehicle was swerving for a specific reason. Along with road hazards, other vehicles may have caused the bad driving that led to you getting pulled over.

Road Tests

When getting pulled over, police officers may have you conduct a number of tests to determine how impaired you are. The results of these tests can be compared to the video footage that shows them. For example, something that an officer observed as slurred speech may actually be just specific ways that you talk. Along with the video footage, a speech therapist can confirm the various patterns in your speech when you are sober. These comparisons may help you eliminate evidence from your case.

The same footage can also be used to showcase other tests like walking tests. The video footage can be used in conjunction with any leg issues or walking problems to try and get the evidence thrown out. This can have a huge impact on your case and help remove false evidence that is being used against you.

Personal Treatment

The way you were treated at the scene of the arrest can make a huge difference on the way your case proceeds. If you were physically or verbally treated wrongly, then your lawyer can try to suppress the evidence and get the case thrown out.

A number of police dash cams also have audio on them. A lawyer can create a transcript of the whole arrest to determine if any evidence is available for your case. Lawyers understand your rights and the way you should be treated during a case like this. Any mistreatment can benefit your case and help prove wrongdoing.

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