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Food Truck Injuries: 4 Factors That May Impact A Settlement Case

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The rise of food trucks has given cities many benefits, including quick access to delicious foods at random locations. While the expansion of these trucks gives you more eating options, dining at or near one of these trucks can present different forms of danger. If you've been injured through some sort of food truck incident, then there are multiple factors that may impact a personal injury case. If you're seeking a settlement for any physical or emotional harm, then it's a good idea to sort out these factors and work with an attorney to build the best case possible.

Food Truck Location & Dining Areas

In many food truck injury cases, it may seem like the truck owners should be liable for the injury, but that may not always be the case. It's important to examine other factors related to your case that may not have directly involved the food truck. For example, if the food truck was parked near a sidewalk or curb that is deteriorating, you may trip and get injured due to the poor conditions. The city or town that is responsible for the public walking areas may be liable for the injury. If those areas were not properly maintained and presented a hazard, then your lawyer could seek compensation. Other hazards include loose sewer grates, large puddles, or icy sidewalks.

The location where you eat your food truck meal may be partly to blame for the injury. For example, if you're eating the meal at a local park, table conditions could have caused your injury. Broken chairs or benches could result in slip and fall injuries to your neck, back, or other body parts. If the food truck leases or rents its own dining area, it's important to know who owns the property. An attorney can seek this information and easily find the liable party for your case.

Food Truck Events

Sometimes an organization or event will hire food trucks to supply meals and food options for guests. By hiring these trucks, the event organizers may be liable for any injuries that occur. For example, if a Little League hires a food truck for local games, your lawyer may the file the lawsuit against the Little League if that's where your injury occurred. When you are injured, it's important to take note of the event or circumstances of why the food truck was there.

Food Truck Fires & Explosions

Cooking in a small area can create all kinds of hazards, including fires and explosions. For example, there was a food truck in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that exploded when propane tanks were not used properly. When injuries occur as a result of a food truck incident, a lawyer will likely hold a food truck liable. A further investigation can help prove negligence and get you a settlement that you deserve. During the healing time, it's important to track your injuries and lifestyle changes that have occurred. For example, you may avoid food trucks or areas where they are commonly located due to emotional stress. This can have a big impact on your lifestyle and be a part of your settlement case.

Food Injuries

Sometimes it's the food itself that can cause injury. Food poisoning, under-cooked food, or burns are just a few of the injuries that can occur as a result of a food truck. When the food you consume causes the injury, there are many factors that a lawyer will look into. This includes how the food is prepared, the temperature of the food that is served, and if the food truck is following proper cooking rules and safety regulations for the city and state.

Your lawyer may also look into any other complaints or lawsuits filed against the food truck. If there are multiple cases of food issues, this can help make your case stronger and have a better chance of reaching a settlement for your injuries.

By breaking down the specific aspects of your case, you can easily work with an attorney to reach a settlement and get compensation for your injuries.